Kanohar Lal Trust Society

Kanohar Lal Trust Society

Kanohar Lal Trust Society is a non profit organization established in 1968 with the primary objective of furthering the access of education to girls and women in Meerut and Village Sonda, Dist. Ghaziabad (birthplace of Founder). Today, at any given time, over 7500 students study at the various institutions founded by the Trust. And several lakhs have received their education and are serving in a variety of roles.


Imparting education and learning skills to our students enabling them to play a ‘meaningful role’ at home, workplace and in society.

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Seth Shri Kanohar Lal Ji

(16th October 1936 - 6th July 2008)

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Science of Relationships

Every Human being wants to lead a happy life. Happiness, we all know, depends on physiological and emotional needs. In modern societies, both the social & economic institutions (like family, schools, markets etc.) and political institutions (for example Government) amply provide for our physiological needs.