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Seth Shri Kanohar Lal Ji
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25-Sep-2020 Kanohar Lal PostGraduate Girls College,degree college in meerut
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Honourable Founder

From 1936-2008
Born on 16th October, 1936, Seth Kanohar Lal was the only son, and the youngest child of Lala Durga Prasad. Seth Kanohar Lal did his primary education in Gram Sonda and did his B.Com. from Meerut College in 1956. After completing his education he started a manufacturing and trading firm supplying to electricity sector. In 1972, he established Kanohar Electricals Limited, now manufacturing power transformers  

Back in days when the term Corporate Social Responsibility was not even coined, giving back to society and education was always on the mind of Seth Kanohar Lal. His family always emphasized the importance of education and he built a primary pathshala in Sonda in 1963 for the benefit of the children of the village

In 1967, Vaishya Inter College (now KK Inter College) which was on the verge of closure got a fresh lease of life after the generous donation given by Seth Kanohar Lal. In order to institutionalize the education initiatives, he founded Kanohar Lal Trust Society in 1968. He was 32 years old at that time. Over next several decades, several institutions were established and nurtured by him with the active contribution of Trustees, most notably, Shri Madan Mohan who served as the Founding Hony. Secretary

He remained the President of the Trust until his last breath upto 6th July 2008. He was a man of high values and lived his life with great simplicity. He was a firm believer of Bhagvad Gita Philosophy.