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27-Sep-2020 Kanohar Lal PostGraduate Girls College,degree college in meerut



What is Saarthak?

An annual two day exhibition, Saarthak,  is a tribute from all educational institutions working under aegis of K.L. Trust Society to its founder Late Seth Kanohar Lal ji on his birth anniversary (16th October). It is organized at the lawns of Kanohar Lal Postgraduate Girls College (Meerut).

Why Saarthak?

“Education to equip our students for playing a meaningful role at home, workplace and in society with emphasis on their employability” has been the mission of Kanohar Lal Trust Society and its institutions. This exhibition is an attempt to exhibit and further this cause by bringing all its stakeholders-students, teachers, parents, society, at one platform with the objective of:

·         Taking education beyond the confines of academic curriculum, rote-learning and examination system to a platform where student’s creativity and curiosity can be nurtured.

·         Giving students an opportunity to question, explore and find answers to their queries making education more interesting, career opportunities more clear and life more meaningful

·         Counseling students (6th- 12th class) about “selection of subjects” and “job/ higher education opportunities”

How Saarthak?

Saarthak is driven by students of all the Institutions under K.L. Trust Society. The process of organizing Saarthak is more meaningful than the final outcome in itself. While the themes are conceptualized jointly by teachers and students, it is the students that plan and execute the whole exercise.  The process acts a hands-on learning experience in inculcation of responsibility, team-work and leadership.

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